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Global Sourcing Solutions
Healthcare Providers
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Global Source Model
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Healthcare Professionals


USA Employment & Immigration for Nurses

  Global Source Model

  • Ongoing recruitment campaigns using our own overseas offices and our business partners using advertisements as well as attending global recruitment exhibitions.

  • We facilitate all stages of the immigration process for both immigrant and non-immigrant workers. This process can take from 2 weeks to 18 months depending on the complexity of the file as well as from which country the healthcare professional (HCP) is coming from.

  • We have formed partnerships with highly skilled and experienced legal teams who specialize in immigration related matters for healthcare facilities.

  • We facilitate all travel arrangements and accommodations for our candidates.

  • We provide ongoing support after arrival in the U.S. through community mentorship programs, orientation sessions, and any other assistance required to adjust to the new social culture of the United States. This one on one attention helps make each transition as easy as possible for each and every HCP recruited.

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