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Q. I am a healthcare professional and want to explore employment opportunities in the United States. How can CareOrigin help?

A. CareOrigin works with hospitals and employers in the US who are looking for healthcare professionals. CareOrigin's experienced personnel can help ease the process by providing professional assistance in areas, including but not limited to, qualification assessment, the immigration process, and guidance in taking requisite certification and qualifying exams.

Q. Am I committed by filling in your registration form?

A. No, the application form is only a request for information so that we know a little more about your skills and education. You are committed to nothing at this stage.

Q. As a professional, do I have to pay to register with CareOrigin?

A. No, no fees are payable to us by employees. There are some costs charged by the regulatory bodies in the USA and there may be some costs involved in the application process, for example, if you need certified English transcripts of your educational certificates. We will explain in detail what costs are necessary, when these will be paid, and by whom. We try to make the whole process as clear as possible.

Q. Will my qualification levels be good enough to work in the USA?

A. Please complete our on-line Consultation Form and post all requested information so that we may conduct an assessment of eligibility for you. We will try to assess your case within 24 hours of posting.

Please let me know if you want an example of a Consultation form that might consider the immigration requirements. I think I can find one on line from the firm I used to work at. They had a similar business.

Q. Is my English good enough?

A. You need to take the TOEFL/TSE test for the USA. We recommend enrolling an English language course as soon as possible, if you are unsure. We can also introduce you to English language schools which can help improve your English.

Q. How long is the process of securing employment in the USA?

A. It varies. CareOrigin is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with guidance in pursuing the most suitable employment opportunities in the United States. The qualifications of each applicant are assessed on an individual basis including, level of education, discipline, previous experience in the field, certifications, etc. If you have already completed the IELTS, and meet all of the other necessary requirements, then possibly within six (6) months. If you have done the CGFNS, then it should take less than 12 months.

Q. What are the rates of pay in the US?

A. Healthcare professional can earn approximately $18-$50 and even higher per hour. This will depend on where you are and the exact job you do. You can earn much more as a Travel Professional.

Q. Why do I need the VisaScreen Certificate?

A. The Visascreen certificate is needed to compare education levels overseas with that of the USA. It involves a credentials review and transcripts of your English language tests.CareOrigin can assist you in obtaining this certificate.

Q. What if I am unhappy with the service CareOrigin has provided?

A. Our standards are very high, but should you have any comments or problems you can contact a senior manager directly.

Q. What if I donít have e-mail?

A. You can get a free email account from Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

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